Kupa Paniri

Important Facts
Country of Origin Iran
Specific Origin Azerbaijan and Kurdestan regions
Milk Type Ewe’s, goat’s, cow’s, and buffalo’s milk or a mixture
Moisture Content Approx. 42.8%
Texture Dry, brittle
Flavor Pleasant, salty
Flavor Notes Semihard cheese characterized by a dry appearance, yellowish-white color, salty taste, specific pleasant aroma, and brittle and ground texture. Maturation in earthenware pots (Kupa) underground for 4-6 months. Compared to Motal Paniri in organoleptic properties. Varieties include those with cumin seeds (Ziraly Panir) and vegetables (Jajikhli Panir). The cheese’s quality and taste are reminiscent of Roquefort, especially when sheep’s milk is used. Produced traditionally, involves salting, grinding cheese blocks, and potting in earthenware.
Aroma Specific pleasant aroma
Colors Yellowish-white
Forms Earthenware pots (Kupa)
Age 4 to 6 months

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