Important Facts
Country of Origin Belgium
Specific Origin Limburg, Allgäu
Milk Type Cow’s milk
Rind Sticky, orange-brown
Texture Firm to spreadable
Flavor Meaty, farmyard
Flavor Notes Created in the 1800s by Belgian Trappist monks and renowned for its pungent odor, Limburger cheese evolves from firm and crumbly to exceptionally creamy and stinky over three months. The odor, akin to smelly feet, is due to Brevibacterium linens used in the brine wash. Now predominantly produced in Germany, with a significant historical presence in the American Midwest, particularly Wisconsin. Traditionally served with dark bread, brown mustard, onion slices, and beer. Despite its notoriety for its distinctive smell, Limburger remains a famous washed-rind cheese, enjoyed in sandwiches or with boiled potatoes and butter.
Aroma Pungent, body odor-like
Colors Straw-colored
Forms Brick shape
Age 3 months

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