Bohinjski sir

Photo of Bohinjski sir Cheese
Shabicht / CC BY-SA 4.0
Important Facts
Country of Origin Slovenia
Specific Origin Bohinj Valley
Milk Type Cow's milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Rind Natural
Texture Semi-hard
Flavor Full-flavored
Forms Wheels
Age Minimum 60 days
Rennet Type Animal

About Bohinjski sir Cheese

Bohinjski sir, a traditional hard cheese from the Bohinj region in the Slovenian Alps, began production in 1873. Swiss cheesemaker Hitz introduced locals to Swiss cheese technology. This led to the establishment of dairies, such as the one in Stara Fužina, now home to the Alpine Dairy Farming Museum.

Made from raw or thermized cow’s milk from Bohinj, the cheese involves a meticulous process. It uses cultures of thermophilic and propionic bacteria, rennet for coagulation, and specific heating and molding. It first ripens in cold storage, then matures at a higher temperature to develop its characteristic large eyes and flavor. A whole wheel weighs 99 to 121 pounds, with a firm, yellow rind and an ivory-to-yellow body. Its flavor is mild and aromatic, becoming more piquant with age.

The cheese embodies Bohinj's alpine herding traditions and dairy heritage. Bohinj’s dairy culture is highlighted annually at the Kravji Bal festival, which celebrates dairy queens and alpine herding. Bohinjski sir is a slice of Slovenia's pastoral legacy, offering a taste of the alpine pastures.

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