Bovški sir (Bovec)

Important Facts
Country of Origin Slovenia
Specific Origin Bovec
Milk Type Raw sheep's milk, optionally mixed with up to 10% goat's milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Rind Natural
Texture Semi-hard
Flavor Full, slightly sweet
Aroma Characteristic of sheep's milk
Colors Light to dark yellow
Forms Wheels
Age At least 60 days
Rennet Type Animal rennet

About Bovški sir (Bovec) Cheese

Bovški sir, a hard cheese from Slovenia, is recognized under Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. Weighing between 6 to 10 pounds, it has a height of 3 to 5 inches and a diameter of 8 to 10 inches. Its first mention dates back to 1756 in Udine, Italy, where it was so valued it served as a form of payment. This cheese symbolizes the rich farming and cheesemaking heritage of Bovec, a town in northwestern Slovenia. Today, it's still produced there, as well as in two highland Alpine dairies within the municipality and its surroundings.

The cheese is crafted from the milk of the Bovška Ovca sheep breed, and up to 20 percent cow's or goat's milk is permissible. The cheesemaking process involves mixing traditionally ripened evening milk with fresh morning milk, then warming and adding rennet. The firm coagulum is cut into small pieces, settled at the bottom of the vat, and gently pressed by hand. The cheese is either dry-salted or brined, then aged for a minimum of two months in conditions that allow its characteristic large eyes and compact, homogenous texture to develop. The cheese boasts a unique flavor profile—mild, aromatic, and slightly spicy, becoming more intense with age.

Bovški sir is large, with a firm, dry, and yellow rind, while the body of the cheese is ivory to yellow. Its flavor is celebrated for being mild and nut-like, with extended maturation adding aromatic and slightly piquant notes. This cheese, historically cherished for its high quality, continues to hold a special status as a representation of Bovec's cheesemaking legacy.

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