Important Facts
Country of Origin Greece
Specific Origin Western Macedonia, northwest Greece
Certification PDO (1996)
Milk Type Caprine (goat) and Ovine (sheep)
Milk Treatment Raw
Fat Content Low-Fat
Rind Brined
Texture Semihard
Flavor Sourish and slightly piquant
Flavor Notes Sourish, slightly piquant, large number of eyes (holes)
Colors White
Forms Slices, salted, placed in tins, covered with brine
Age Consumed fresh or stored

About Batzos Cheese

Batzos is a PDO cheese from Western Macedonia, Greece. It's known for its sour, slightly spicy taste and its low-fat, semi-hard texture. The cheese stands out for its many holes. Making Batzos primarily aims to produce a fat-rich whey. This whey is used to create high-quality Manouri cheese from goat milk or butter from sheep milk.

The process starts with coagulating raw milk at warm temperatures. This milk is then vigorously stirred to separate the fat. After it begins to gel, the milk is stirred again to transfer most of the fat to the whey. The curd undergoes mild cooking and is left to settle. It's then cut, drained in cheesecloths, and ripened for a day. The next steps involve slicing, salting, and storing the cheese in brine. Batzos can be enjoyed in several ways: fresh, baked, or fried.

The microflora, primarily lactic acid bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae, significantly influence Batzos's flavor. These bacteria drive the acidification process, especially in goat's milk cheese, shaping its unique taste.

Crafted from goat's and sheep's milk, Batzos has a piquant, salty, and spicy flavor with a pleasant aroma. Its texture is dry, and the cheese is white. With PDO status since 1996, Batzos is a testament to Greece's rich cheesemaking heritage. It is the country's oldest hard cheese, showcasing traditional Greek flavors.

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