Photo of Cabrales Cheese
Helge Høifødt / CC BY-SA 3.0
Important Facts
Country of Origin Spain
Specific Origin Asturias
Certification PDO (1981)
Milk Type Cow's, occasionally goat's and sheep's
Rind Natural
Texture Crumbly, open paste
Flavor Intense, piquant
Flavor Notes Hints of hazelnuts, dark cocoa, sharp, metallic finish; intensely acid curd
Forms Cylindrical
Age 2 to 3 months
Rennet Type Kid rennet

About Cabrales Cheese

Cabrales cheese hails from Asturias, Spain, aged in natural caves under the Picos de Europa. These conditions, perfect since the tenth century, cultivate its distinctive sharpness. With PDO status since 1981, it's made from cow, goat, and sheep milk, each adding unique flavors.

The process involves curdling milk with rennet to form a crumbly curd, then aging it in caves for months. This natural method allows blue mold to infuse the cheese, creating a bold, spicy taste with undertones of hazelnuts and cocoa.

Traditionally encased in Sycamore leaves, now in green tinfoil, Cabrales pairs well with orujo, embodying Asturias' deep cheese-making traditions. Its intense flavor makes it a standout in cheese and wine pairings, a true reflection of its mountainous origins.

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