La Serena

Important Facts
Country of Origin Spain
Specific Origin Extremaduran county of La Serena
Certification PDO (1993)
Milk Type Merino sheep’s milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Moisture Content High
Rind Waxy, yellow to ochre
Texture Soft to semihard
Flavor Slightly bitter, pleasant
Flavor Notes Ancestral cheese with a runny texture when fully ripened, achieved through coagulation with vegetable (Cynara cardunculus) rennet at moderate temperatures. Features spicy notes, a lingering aftertaste, and a creamy consistency that becomes quite liquid ("atortado" phenomenon) after twenty days.
Aroma Spicy notes
Colors Yellow to ochre
Forms Lenticular
Age 60+ days
Rennet Type Vegetable (Cynara cardunculus)

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