Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Campania, Puglia, etc.
Milk Type Cow's Milk
Rind Soft
Texture Soft, springy
Flavor Mild, buttery
Flavor Notes Outer cheese sac with inner layer of butter
Aroma Pungent
Colors Straw-colored
Forms Pear-shaped, tied
Age 6 to 8 days

About Burrini Cheese

Burrini, a pear-shaped cheese from southern Italy, combines soft cow’s milk cheese with a core of whey butter. The cheese, reminiscent of Caciocavallo, encases the butter, keeping it fresh in warm climates. Traditionally, burrini are tied and aged for about a week, earning the nickname "mule's testicles" due to their unique hanging method.

Originating in Calabria, burrini are known for their mild, buttery taste and strong aroma. Enjoyed as a table cheese, they pair well with bread and fresh vegetables like fennel and tomatoes. Notable for their contribution to the regional cuisine of Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily, and Calabria, burrini from the Sila region are especially sought after for their quality.

Made by encasing a ball of butter in mozzarella or provolone, burrini's texture is creamy, and its aroma pungent. Those from Podolica cows are particularly valued. Burrini is best-savored spread on toast, accompanied by white wine or sparkling rosé, capturing the essence of Italian culinary tradition.

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