Photo of Cacioricotta Cheese
Andrew Green / CC BY-SA 2.0
Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia, Campania
Milk Type Goat's, occasionally Sheep's and Cow's mix
Milk Treatment Heated
Rind None when fresh, straw-color when aged
Flavor Sweet to salty, spicy
Flavor Notes Fresh: Cooked milk aroma, sweet ricotta flavor; Aged: Salty, spicy with goat hints
Aroma Cooked milk
Colors White to straw
Forms Wheel
Age Fresh or 3 to 6 months

About Cacioricotta Cheese

Cacioricotta, a versatile Italian cheese from Southern Italy, shines in both fresh and aged forms. Celebrated in Campania's Cilento region, it's traditionally made in the goat-milking season from June to August, combining goat, sheep, and sometimes cow milk. Its name reflects its unique making process, capturing both cheese and ricotta qualities by heating milk to precipitate proteins.

This cheese transitions from a rindless white to a straw-colored aged form, ranging from sweet and milky when fresh to salty and spicy when aged. It's a staple on tables and salads or grated over pasta, especially enhancing dishes like orecchiette with tomatoes in Puglia.

Once crafted for home consumption, Cacioricotta is now widely produced and prized for its rich protein content and skilled salting. While its roots are in Apulia, variations are found across southern regions, each adding a local twist to this cherished cheese.

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