Puzzone di Moena

Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Fassa, Fiemme, Primiero valleys, Anterivo, Trodena
Certification PDO (2014)
Milk Type Raw cow’s milk
Milk Treatment Partially skimmed
Fat Content At least 45 percent
Rind Smooth or rough, oily, ocher to tan-reddish
Texture Soft, elastic
Flavor Salty or spicy and slightly bitter
Flavor Notes Strong, penetrating, slightly ammonia odor, increases flavor of ordinary dishes
Aroma High, penetrating, slightly ammonia
Colors White to yellow
Forms Cylindrical, 4–5 inches high, 13–17 inches diameter, 20–29 pounds
Age Minimum of 90 days
Rennet Type Bovine rennet

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