Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Val Taleggio, Po Valley
Certification PDO (1996)
Milk Type Whole raw or pasteurized milk
Milk Treatment Heated to 90–95°F
Rind Soft, thin, pinkish-red
Texture Soft, slightly melting under the rind, firmer towards the center
Flavor Sweet, delicate, slightly sour
Flavor Notes Herbaceous, aromatic, intensifies and becomes more complex over time
Aroma Herbaceous, aromatic
Colors Pinkish-red rind, white to straw yellow inside
Forms Square, 7–8 inches wide, 1.5–3 inches high, 3.7–4.8 pounds weight
Age At least 35 (up to 50) days
Rennet Type Calf rennet

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