Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Castelsaraceno, Grumento Nova, Lauria, Moliterno
Milk Type Goat's Milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Moisture Content ~60%
Rind None
Texture Soft
Flavor Extremely delicate
Flavor Notes High water content, aromas of cooking and mint, slightly bitter from ferns
Aroma Cooking, mint
Forms Spherical
Age Fresh
Rennet Type Kid or lamb rennet

About Casieddu Cheese

Casieddu, an artisanal goat cheese, flourishes in Basilicata, Italy, from July through September, a period ripe with goat's milk. This spherical cheese, notable for its delicate taste, stems from a meticulous process involving raw goat’s milk coagulated with rennet and infused with nepeta, an aromatic herb. The cheese is distinctively wrapped in fern leaves, a method that imparts a unique flavor profile marked by hints of cooking and mint, alongside a subtle bitterness from the ferns.

Produced in the regions of Castelsaraceno, Grumento Nova, Lauria, and Moliterno, Casieddu shares its birthplace with the renowned Canestrato di Moliterno cheese, creating a duo of traditional cheeses that echo the rich pastoral culture of southern Italy. Despite its limited production, Casieddu captures the essence of its local landscape, offering a taste that is both a reflection of its environment and a tribute to the heritage of Basilicata’s cheese-making traditions.

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