Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Province of Cuneo
Milk Type Cow's milk, possible addition of small quantities of ewe's and/or goat's milk
Fat Content Medium fat or fat
Rind Thin, elastic, regular, reddish-gray with red patches
Texture White or ivory with small and sparse eyes, elastic, and consistent
Flavor Fresh and delicate in fresher cheeses, spicy, savory, and persistent in aged cheeses
Flavor Notes Fresh and delicate odor with milk and cream characteristics in fresher cheeses; spicy, savory, and persistent odor in aged cheeses
Aroma Spicy, savory, and persistent
Colors White or ivory
Forms Cylindrical ("fascele") 12–16 inches diameter, 3–4 inches edge, 15–20 pounds weight; Quadrangular ("conca") 12–16 inches side, 5–6 inches edge, 18–11 pounds weight
Age At least one month

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