Canestrato Pugliese

Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Province of Foggia, some municipalities of Bari, Apulia
Certification PDO (1996)
Milk Type Ewe's Milk
Milk Treatment Raw, whole
Rind Brownish-yellow, wrinkled
Texture Compact, friable
Flavor Spicy
Flavor Notes Spicy taste, straw-colored paste, compact and friable texture
Aroma Varies
Colors Straw-colored
Forms Cylindrical
Age 2 to 10 months
Rennet Type Lamb rennet

About Canestrato Pugliese Cheese

Canestrato Pugliese stands out as a distinguished hard cheese from Apulia, Italy, proudly bearing a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) mark. This cheese is a blend of 70-90% goat's milk and 10-30% sheep's milk. Its flavor profile is significantly influenced by the traditional reed baskets used during its formation, showcasing Apulia's rich artisanal craftsmanship.

This cheese undergoes a fascinating transformation as it ages. Initially, it offers a sweet and delicate taste. With time, it matures into a richly spicy flavor. The aging process requires meticulous care in well-ventilated rooms. Part of this care involves treatments with olive oil and vinegar to prevent mold growth.

The origins of Canestrato Pugliese are deeply embedded in the region's pastoral practices, notably transhumance. This historical backdrop highlights a tradition that has evolved over centuries yet remains faithful to its origins. Historically, this cheese was cherished locally, known only within its birthplace.

Today, Canestrato Pugliese enjoys national recognition, symbolizing the rich tapestry of Italian cheesemaking. It can be savored fresh alongside seasonal produce or grated over hearty pasta dishes. Canestrato Pugliese not only offers a taste of Apulia's culinary heritage but also stands as a testament to the region's dedication to depth, tradition, and artisanal integrity.

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