Photo of Mozzarella Cheese
Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Milk Type Cow's
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Fat Content Varies
Moisture Content High
Rind None
Texture Soft, creamy
Flavor Mild, milky
Flavor Notes Made globally; Often used in pizza and Italian dishes; Cow's milk versions are most common.
Aroma Mild
Colors White
Forms Balls, blocks, shredded
Age Eaten fresh
Rennet Type Calf's or microbial rennet

About Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella, originating from Italy, is famed for its soft, stretchy texture. Originally made from water buffalo milk, most mozzarella today uses cow's milk. The name "mozzarella" comes from "mozzare," a Neapolitan word meaning "to cut," referring to the cheese's handcrafted shaping process.

The history of mozzarella intertwines with water buffalo in Italy, believed to have been present since the seventh century. However, the focus here is on cow's milk mozzarella. This version gained popularity in America post-World War II after the destruction of water buffalo herds in Italy led to a switch to cow's milk for cheese production.

Cow's milk mozzarella is milder and sweeter than its buffalo milk counterpart. Known for its excellent melting qualities, it's essential in pizza and lasagna. Variants like Fior di Latte distinguish it from buffalo milk mozzarella. Mozzarella ranges from widely produced industrial versions to artisanal cheeses, celebrated for their freshness and quality.

Making mozzarella involves ripening milk, coagulating with rennet, cutting the curd, and heating and stretching it. This process, known as pasta filata, gives mozzarella its unique texture. After stretching, mozzarella can be smoked or seasoned, creating different flavors like smoked mozzarella.

Mozzarella's appeal is global, extending beyond Italian cuisine. Its mild flavor and creamy texture make it a favorite in salads, sandwiches, and baked dishes. As mozzarella continues to be a staple worldwide, it showcases the lasting impact of Italian cheesemaking traditions.

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