Important Facts
Country of Origin Italy
Specific Origin Venosta Valley, Burgraviato, Salto-Sciliar, Pusteria Valley, Isarco Valley, Bolzano
Certification PDO (2007)
Milk Type Whole cow’s milk, partially skimmed
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Fat Content At least 50 percent on dry matter basis
Moisture Content Below 44 percent
Rind Yellow-orange to orange-brown
Texture Compact, elastic
Flavor Boiled milk, butter, mature hay
Flavor Notes Typical of the mountain cheeses, small irregular eyeholes
Aroma Boiled milk, butter, mature hay
Colors Pale yellow to straw colored
Forms Cylindrical, 3–4 inches tall, 13–15 inches diameter, 18–22 pounds
Age At least 60 days
Rennet Type Calf liquid or powdered rennet

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