Abbaye de Tamié

Photo of Abbaye de Tamié Cheese
Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Savoie department
Milk Type Cow's milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Fat Content 50-53% solids nonfat
Rind Light beige to saffron, thin mold
Texture Soft, pea-size holes
Flavor Nutty, milky, delicate to strong with age
Forms Thin disk (Grand Modèle 4 lbs, Petit Modèle 21 oz)
Age Up to 40 days
Rennet Type Calf

About Abbaye de Tamié Cheese

Abbaye de Tamié is a unique, artisan French cheese with a rich history from the 12th century, made exclusively by the monks at the Trappist Abbey of Tamié in Savoie, southeastern France. This soft cheese comes from raw, unpasteurized milk of Abondance cows, showcasing the monastic commitment to local, quality dairy farming.

The cheese's distinct shape is a flat wheel with slightly convex edges and a saffron-colored crust, covered in light white mold by the end of aging. It comes in two sizes, Grand Modèle and Petit Modèle, each offering a unique taste. The Grand Modèle has a thinner crust and softer texture, while the Petit Modèle, sold individually, maintains consistent quality.

The production blends traditional craftsmanship with innovation. Milk is heated and mixed with starter cultures and calf rennet for coagulation. The curd is then cut, drained, and pressed. The whey is not wasted; it's turned into methane, used to heat the abbey’s water, highlighting sustainability.

Salting is crucial for flavor, crust, and preservation. The cheese ages in the abbey's cellars, where it's regularly turned and washed to grow beneficial mold. This process enhances its fruity, nutty flavor and perfumed, pungent aroma. The washed rind adds to its characteristic taste, evolving from delicate and nutty to a fuller, robust flavor as it matures.

Abbaye de Tamié pairs well with wines like Cru Beaujolais, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Merlot, or Beaujolais. Its packaging, in blue and white paper, makes it stand out. As a non-vegetarian cheese, Tamié offers a piece of French heritage with every bite.

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