Photo of Cancoillotte Cheese
Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Franche-Comte
Milk Type Skim Milk
Milk Treatment Heated
Rind None
Texture Smooth, creamy
Flavor Varies
Flavor Notes Eaten warm, flavored with pepper, wine, or garlic optional
Colors Golden yellow (metton)
Rennet Type Rennet

About Cancoillotte Cheese

Cancoillotte, from Eastern France's Franche-Comte, turns skim milk into a culinary delight. This creamy cheese starts with metton, which is produced by adding rennet to milk, then heating and drying. This method reflects the region's resourcefulness, with roots possibly stretching back to Roman times.

Traditionally, cancoillotte is enjoyed warm and flavored with additions like garlic or wine. It began as a farmhouse staple but gained wider appeal during World War I through canned versions. Now, while mostly made in creameries, it's still a regional favorite, with most of it consumed within its home region.

First made in the 16th century near Oyrières, the name cancoillotte comes from the process of curdling. It's a key part of local food culture. Modern versions may add butter for richness, offering a variety from plain to garlic-flavored. Widely available, especially in the east of France and Luxembourg, cancoillotte remains a link to the area's gastronomic past, evolving from a simple recipe to a cherished regional dish.

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