Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Aveyron department
Certification PDO (2015)
Milk Type Whole, raw cow’s milk from Simmental or Aubrac breeds
Milk Treatment Raw
Rind Dry whitish to light gray, aging to amber-brown to granite gray
Texture Firm and supple
Flavor Medium to intense
Flavor Notes Dry whitish to light gray rind transitioning to amber-brown to granite gray as aged. The body is ivory to straw yellow. Flavor ranges from milky and fresh grass to nuts, with a lactic flavor varying by age. Consumed as a table cheese, in salads, or for cooking. Noted for use in aligot de l’Aubrac.
Aroma Milky and fresh grass, dried meat
Colors Ivory to straw yellow
Forms Cylindrical
Age 4-10+ months

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