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Chèvre is a traditional French goat cheese particularly popular in the Loire Valley and Poitou. The term "chèvre," French for "goat," refers to a variety of cheeses made from goat's milk. These cheeses range widely in age, texture, and flavor, serving different culinary purposes, from fresh spreads to components in complex dishes.

The cheese varies from young, soft, and creamy versions that are spreadable and mild to older, firmer cheeses with a robust rind and concentrated flavors. As it ages, the maturation process intensifies the flavor and transforms the texture from creamy to crumbly. Chèvre is typically shaped into logs, discs, and pyramids, with each form and production method reflecting its regional origins and artisanal traditions.

Notable aged chèvres like Chabichou de Poitou and Valençay are celebrated for their unique characteristics developed through traditional curdling and aging techniques. In contrast, fresh varieties such as those produced by Laura Chenel in the United States highlight the light, tangy qualities of goat's milk, suitable for a variety of culinary uses.

Chèvre's adaptability makes it a favorite among chefs and cheese aficionados, pairing beautifully with fruits, nuts, and wines and enriching dishes from salads to baked goods with its distinctive flavors. Enjoyed on its own or as part of a recipe, chèvre provides a delightful taste experience that showcases the diverse range of goat cheeses.

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