Brie de Meaux

Photo of Brie de Meaux Cheese
Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Meaux
Certification AOC (1980), AOP (1996)
Milk Type Cow's milk
Milk Treatment Raw
Rind White mold
Texture Soft
Flavor Cream, butter, hazelnuts
Flavor Notes Delicate aromas of cream, butter, and hazelnuts
Colors Ivory to yellow
Forms Flat cheese 14 inches in diameter, 1 inch in height, 7+ pounds
Age Minimum of 4 weeks
Rennet Type Bovine rennet

About Brie de Meaux Cheese

Brie de Meaux is a renowned French cheese with roots in the seventh century. It hails from Meaux, in the Brie region, celebrated since Charlemagne's time. By 1980, it had secured AOC status and AOP status in 1996. Annually, producers make about 5,785 tons.

Made from raw cow's milk, it takes 25 liters to create a wheel that matures into a 7-pound cheese over four weeks. The production process is meticulous, involving precise temperature control, bovine rennet, manual molding, and ripening for up to ten weeks. The cheese develops a complex flavor profile of cream, butter, and hazelnuts, with a supple texture upon maturity.

Its status as "the king of cheeses" was affirmed at the 1815 Congress of Vienna. The Brie de Meaux Companions Brotherhood, founded in 1991, upholds its legacy. Production remains limited to specific French departments, with traditional hand-ladling and dry salting techniques.

Brie de Meaux is soft, artisanal, and soft-ripened, characterized by its creamy texture, bloomy rind, and milky flavor with a buttery aroma. Its title as "Le Roi des Fromages" at the Congress of Vienna, underscores its esteemed place in French cheesemaking heritage.

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