Camembert de Normandie

Photo of Camembert de Normandie Cheese
Coyau / CC BY-SA 3.0
Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Normandy
Certification PDO (1983)
Milk Type Cow's Milk
Milk Treatment Raw, not heated over 104°F
Rind Bloomy, white
Texture Young: Narrow unripe core; Aged: Homogeneous, sticky
Flavor Young: Lactic, tangy, sweet; Aged: Pungent, mushroom, garlic
Flavor Notes Starts with a tangy, sweet flavor, evolving into more pungent notes of mushroom and garlic as it ages. The texture also evolves from somewhat crumbly to satisfyingly sticky and chewy.
Aroma Lactic to pungent with notes of mushroom and garlic
Colors Ivory to light yellow
Forms Disk
Age ~30 days

About Camembert de Normandie Cheese

Camembert de Normandie is a French cheese with a semisoft texture and a rich history. It gained PDO status in 1983, ensuring its production follows strict guidelines. This cheese originates from Normandy, celebrated for its creamy feel and bloomy rind.

The legend credits Marie Harel with its invention during the French Revolution. Yet, its fame spread in the 1700s, becoming a national treasure. Camembert's story intertwines with French history, from royal presentations to becoming a staple in the diet of French soldiers during World War I.

Only raw milk from Normande cows is used, adhering to traditional methods. These include feeding cows on natural pastures and using wooden tools for cheesemaking. The result is a cheese known for its golden color and rich flavors.

Today, a few dairies, including some farmsteads, continue making Camembert de Normandie. Despite modern challenges, it remains a symbol of French culinary heritage, embodying the art of cheesemaking.

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