Photo of Brocciu Cheese
Shiva-Nataraja / GFDL
Important Facts
Country of Origin France
Specific Origin Corsica
Certification AOC (1998), PDO (2003)
Milk Type Ewe's or Goat's
Milk Treatment Whey, Raw
Rind None
Texture Soft, creamy
Flavor Meltingly creamy, saltier when matured
Flavor Notes Creamy, delicious aroma; becomes saltier and more intense when matured
Aroma Delicious
Forms Cylindrical molds
Age Fresh or matured

About Brocciu Cheese

Brocciu is Corsica's celebrated cheese, known for its creamy texture. It's made from ewe's or goat's milk whey. This cheese is unique as Corsica's only dairy product with AOC and PDO status. This highlights its significance in both culture and cuisine. Local legend has it that King Solomon himself gave the recipe to Corsican shepherds, marking its esteemed place in history.

The process of making brocciu starts with heating whey and fresh milk in traditional copper cauldrons. It is then curdled and molded into its distinctive cylindrical shape. Originally, these molds were made from woven bulrush. Today, plastic molds are more common. This change shows how the cheese has adapted over time, yet it still holds onto traditional methods.

Fresh brocciu is a true delight, particularly when enjoyed warm with a bit of sugar. As it ages, it becomes brocciu passu. This version of the cheese is saltier and has a more complex flavor. Brocciu is a cornerstone of Corsican cuisine. It's used in a wide range of dishes, from savory omelets and stuffed zucchini to sweet pastries.

Brocciu reflects the wild beauty and herbal abundance of Corsica. It pairs excellently with the island's wines. This cheese is more than just food; it's a piece of Corsican heritage and pride.

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